XW-1 numera HO-68

Nu har vår nya amatörsatellit XW-1 fått ett Oscarnummer.

Så här långt verkar allt  fungera helt helt enligt planerna med Amsat Kinas första satellit.

Vi gläds åt deras framgång och ser fram mot många kontakter via HO-68.

Schema finns på länken  http://www.camsat.cn/

AMSAT-NA OSCAR Number Coordinator Bill Tynan, W3XO has informed Alan
Kung, BA1DU, Amateur Satellite Project Manager and Chief Executive
Officer of AMSAT-China that XW-1 is now designated as Hope OSCAR 68,
or HO-68.

Bill wrote, ”The satellite was launched successfully 15 December from
the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center of China, on a CZ-4C rocket. Ama-
teur Radio Operators around the world have received beacon signals
from XW-1.”
Bill continues, ”Further, I have been informed that XW-1 has been coor-
dinated through IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination Panel. As
XW in Chinese means ’hope’, it had been requested that this word be used
as the prefix for the new OSCAR number. Therefore, with the above infor-
mation and the authority vested in me by the AMSAT-NA President, I hereby
designate this latest amateur radio satellite as Hope Oscar 68 or HO-68.”
Congratulations to AMSAT-China. Bill concludes, ”On behalf of AMSAT-NA
and the world’s amateur radio satellite community I congratulate those
responsible for building, testing and launching this new satellite. May
it have a long and successful life.”
The latest official information can be found on-line on the AMSAT-China
web page at: http://www.camsat.cn/

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