XW-1 uppe i rymden

Nu har Kina fått upp sin första amatörradio satellit.

Bilden nedan (ursäkta skärpan) visar vilka fina DX möjligheter som den kan erbjuda enligt dom nyss publicerade kepler som finns tillgängliga.

Som synes så kommer den täcka en bra bit av NA när vi har den lite över horisonten.

China’s 1st ever amateur radio satelite XW-1 is in space now!

AMSAT China reports it was launched at about around 0230 UTC on
December 15, 2009. The beacon was received in Sanya after launch.

XW-1 was a secondary payload aboard the CZ-4C rocket from Taiyuan
Satellite Launch Center into a sun-synchronous orbit about 1200
kilometers high. The primary payload of this launch is the Yaogen-8
Remote Sensing Satellite.

The preliminary keplerian elements for the satellite are:

1 99999U 09349.11987269 .00000000 00000-0 00000-0 0 00006
2 99999 100.4859 046.2958 0001760 147.4703 038.6343 13.15267150000017

The XW-1 communications payload includes a beacon and three cross
band transponders operating in FM, linear, and digital modes.
Here is a Spacecraft Summary:

Common Name: XW-1
Alternate Name: CAS-1
Satellite Type: Microsatellite
Launch Date: TBD
Launch Location: Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center of China
Launch Vehicle: CZ-2C(LM-2C) Rocket
Apogee: 1200km
Perigee: 1200km
Inclination: 105 degrees
Period: 109 minutes
Local time of descending node: 21:30
Weight: 50kg

Frequency Information

Mode V/U (J) FM Voice Repeater (30 dbm (1 w)):
Uplink: 145.8250 MHz FM, PL 67.0 Hz.
Downlink: 435.6750 MHz FM

Mode V/U (J) Linear Transponder (Inverting) (30 dbm (1 w)):
Uplink:145.9250 – 145.9750 MHz SSB/CW
Downlink:435.7650 – 435.7150 MHz SSB/CW

Mode V/U (J) PacSat BBS (30 dbm (1 w)):
Uplink:145.8250 MHz AFSK 1200 BPS
Downlink: 435.6750 MHz AFSK 1200 BPS

Mode Beacon (23 dbm (200mw)):
Downlink:435.7900 MHz CW

You can get XW-1 Telemetry Format at

Details of the XW-1 satellite are available at:

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