AO-40 Update


Det finns inte mycket att rapportera om AO40 men en av kontroll stationerna anser sig ha hrt ngot som kan tnkas vara en signal frn AO40.

ls nedan.

Yes, we already thought about this idea.. but the thing
must be reproducable, which seems not to be the case
at the moment.. So we probably have to be more patient.

73s Peter DB2OS

William Leijenaar wrote:

> Hi AMSATs,
> Great to hear that at least some signals were heared
> from AO40.
> When IHU and the L-Band are working but not the TX
> completely, it is maybe possible to upload a small
> program that measures the battery voltage and sends
> the value back to earth in CW, by just switching
> on/off the TX…
> Its at least a small communication :o)
> Just an idea…
> 73 de LU/PE1RAH
> William in Buenos Aires

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