LilacSat-1har fått namnet LilacSat-OSCAR 90

LilacSat-1 har nu fått namnet LilacSat-OSCAR 90 för att satelliten har lyckats med amatörradiokommunikation både på upp- och nerlänk. Snart är vi uppe i 100 Oscar-nummer!

OSCAR Number Administrator Bill Tynan, W3XO, has announced that,
pursuant to a request submitted to the AMSAT Board of Directors, the
LilacSat-1 satellite has been assigned the designation LilacSat-OSCAR
90, or LO-90.

LilacSat-OSCAR 90 was designed and constructed by the Harbin Institute
of Technology in Harbin, China as part of the QB50 project to study
the lower thermosphere. It was carried aboard an Orbital-ATK Cygnus
cargo ship, which was launched to the International Space Station on
April 18, 2017, and deployed from the ISS on May 25, 2017.

LO-90 carries a voice transponder with a 145 MHz FM uplink and a 435
MHz digital voice downlink using the Codec2 open source voice codec as
well as a camera open for activation by amateur radio operators

More information about the satellite can be found A guide for receiving the
downlink prepared by Adam Whitney, K0FFY, can be found at

Since the launch of the first amateur radio satellite, OSCAR 1 in
1961, it has been traditional for amateur radio satellites to carry
the name OSCAR, for “Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio”.
AMSAT, which administers the numbering of OSCAR satellites at the
request of the Project OSCAR organization, encourages all
builders/owners of amateur radio satellites that meet the requirements
listed at to apply for an OSCAR

[ANS thanks Paul, N8HM, for the above information]